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Welcome to my teaching studio home page. This source includes a general overview of teaching practice including, my teaching philosophy and goals, my inventory, and available topics of study in the world of percussion.

About me I have been playing percussion since I was very small but started studying in 1990. I studied formally at two Universities and earned two degrees in music including a Master's degree from the University of Arizona emphasizing in Percussion Performance and Dance Accompanying. I have played with several symphony orchestras and hold the position as principal timpanist with the Arizona Opera Orchestra.

Some of my teachers include Gary Cook (past PAS president), Dr. Norman Weinberg, Dr. Michael Vercelli, and Bernard Woma (Ghanaian master drummer and xylophonist). For more information, click HERE.

Educational goals: To teach music/percussion in a manner, which fosters the following qualities:

FUN! First and foremost, playing an instrument should be enjoyable!

Good technique: Playing drums should be fun. For playing to be fun, it should also be as easy as possible. I believe that technique is one of the most important tools in making playing easy (more enjoyable). I focus on developing technique with an approach of ease and comfort, free of muscle tension.

Sight reading: Good sight reading skills are a must for band, orchestra, jazz, and chamber music musicians.

Intonation: As a player, I want my playing to sound good. As a teacher, I strive to help my students develop an ear for good sound, or simply put, what sounds good to the audience (and of course, the player too!).

Rhythm: Rhythmic accuracy is a key skill for any instrumentalist. I emphasize this with the development of skills in ear training (recognizing rhythmic patterns) and through the development of good sight reading.

Musicality: Music is a wonderful form of expression. I strive to help growing musicians discover musical qualities above and beyond the notes on the page.

Percussion Inventory

My percussion inventory includes:



Glockenspiel/orchestra bells


Snare drum

Auxilary percussion

  • Tambourine, triangle, woodblocks, various toys, cymbals, maracas, claves, tom-toms, castanettes, and more

Multiple percussion

Hand drums

  • Congas, bongos,

African drums/percussion

  • Djembes, Kpanlogo drums (African peg-drums), gyil (African xylophe), brekete, luna (talking drum), double bell, African rattles

MORE . . .

Teaching Facilities

Located in Manhattan, KS, my studio is in my house and measures approximately 15' x 25'; plenty of room to set up a variety of percussion instruments as well as a percussion ensemble. A large window overlooks the outdoor garden, which will host student recitals each spring.


Classes offered

Lessons are offered in these areas:

  • Drumset
  • Concert (band/orchestral) percussion (snare drum, timpani, bells, marimba)
  • Handrum sessions
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • African Drum Ensemble (including traditional songs and dance)

Also available, lessons and classes in tap dance and jazz dance.

Please feel free to contact me directly for informaton: info@neildunnpercussion.comCLICK HERE